«Very rare case! Labrador dog gave birth to an incredible 10 puppies of different colors.»

«There are three color types in Labrador Retriever dogs. They are either chocolate, yellow, or black. It’s almost never the case that a mother dog has puppies of all three colors at once.

However, a four-year-old female Labrador named Zola gave birth to a very rare litter of three different colors, and Zola herself is black.

Many people believe that a Labrador’s color matches that of the parents, but that’s just a stereotype. Puppies of any color can be born, but not all three at the same time.

Zola’s owners are professional breeders who have been raising Labradors for many years. They had long dreamed of a dog whose genetic code would allow for the birth of puppies of all three colors, and they found it.

The father of the puppies also had all three colors in his genes. To achieve a three-color offspring, they performed 10 crossbreedings. Out of the dozens of puppies, two turned out to be yellow, three were chocolate, and five resembled their mother, black.

Furthermore, Zola won’t have the opportunity to give birth again because this time, to deliver ten puppies without suffering, she had to undergo a cesarean section.

But at least five puppies from this dog will carry the same genes as their mother, so it can be said that the breeders are very fortunate.»

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