Visual test: find the three differences in the image and prove yourselves to be excellent observers.

All of us possess skills, sometimes well developed and above average, sometimes in line with the standards. Thanks to these skills, we can achieve truly important results. In fact, every skill of ours can be trained and improved.

Today, we want to help you improve one of your skills, specifically the ability to observe. Many times this skill allows us to notice details that escape others, but it is essential to keep it trained and improve it. So today we challenge you to find the three differences in this image, to prove to everyone that you are excellent observers, but be careful with the time, you only have 15 seconds.

The time granted for this visual challenge is not much, but we are sure you will succeed in this test. In just 15 seconds, you have to find the three differences between the two proposed images. Set the timers and let’s start today’s visual test.

As you can see, the image depicts pedestrians crossing the street, and a car stopped at the traffic light. But between the left and right images, there are 3 differences, and you only have 15 seconds to find them.

Thanks to tests like this, we can not only spend our free time in a fun way, but we can also help our minds. In fact, with daily training, we can achieve truly amazing results. But, just like in the gym, exercise must be constant and ongoing. It would be advisable to dedicate at least 30 minutes of our time to mental exercises, to keep the brain active and trained.

But now, let’s get back to our visual test, the 15 seconds available for this challenge are up. We have come to the moment you’ve all been eagerly waiting for, as I am about to reveal the solution to this visual test. Are you sure you found the three differences? Let’s find out together if you’re right.

Visual test solution

Here are the three differences, circled in blue. If you managed to find them all in just 15 seconds, congratulations, your observation skills are truly developed. If not, don’t worry, you’ll have many other chances to test your skills. You will find many other tests like this one, which will allow you to train your mind.

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