When she adopted this cat in 1991, she had no idea that thirty years later she would celebrate his birthday

Meet Rubble, «the world’s oldest cat!» Rubble is a stunning 30 year old British kitten who lives in the British city of Exeter. His owner, Michelle Foster, received a ginger-and-white kitten when she was crumbled right on the side of the road as a 20th birthday present to herself in May 1991.

It was, without a doubt, one of the best gifts she received in her life. The cat has been a great friend to Michelle all these years and she says he is very loving and devoted. She attributes his long life to being loved and spoiled «like a child».

In general, the cat is relatively healthy, but she has high blood pressure. He has his own veterinarian, Dr. Moore, who makes sure he is stable and well.

“It is likely that Rubble is the oldest cat in the UK, and he still remains in service. He’s on blood pressure medication, but other than that, he’s in remarkably good condition,» the veterinarian said.

When the owner of the cat was asked if she intended to include her cat in the Guinness Book of Records, the woman replied that she had not yet thought about it and her cat was alive and well. In addition, she does not want there to be a lot of noise around Rubble and intends to let the cat live out his old age in peace without too much fuss and curious journalists.

And we think that this is a worthy response from a hostess who really loves her pet and is not trying to earn money or popularity at his expense.

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