Which dog will drink the milk first? You have 8 seconds to solve the challenge.

Thanks to the power of social media, skill games and logic challenges that test people’s IQ have become increasingly popular in recent times. By sharing these puzzles, they quickly go viral, and many users enjoy entertaining themselves with these pastimes.

Today, we present a quiz that tests your mental and logical deductive abilities. By observing the image below, you must answer the following question: which dog will drink the milk first? To solve this test, you have only 8 seconds.

The challenge that became viral on social media saw a very low success rate among users. In fact, only 1% of the people who attempted the puzzle answered correctly within the 8-second time limit. Indeed, the true difficulty of the test lies in the imposed time limit.

It’s up to you to demonstrate your skill and speed in finding the solution. And this is a demonstration of how these skill games are useful for improving the mental abilities of various users. Indeed, a certain agility of thought and quick problem-solving skills are stimulated. Being able to find solutions to various problems in the shortest time possible is indicative of having a sharp and skilled brain.

Have you found the solution to today’s challenge? If the 8 seconds allotted to you have passed, try to figure out which dog will drink the milk first anyway. With careful observation, arriving at the correct answer is not impossible. But the time was indeed very short.

If you have solved the quiz, we congratulate you. Otherwise, you just need to continue practicing to train your mind with new challenges. In the meantime, we’ll show you the solution to today’s test.

Solution: Here is which dog will drink the milk first

The dog to drink the milk first is number 2. The reason is that it’s the only one to find a smooth path. All the others, at some point, get stuck.

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