Which of the balloons is higher? You have 5 seconds to solve the riddle.

The challenge we propose today is not as simple as it may seem. In a very limited time, you have to figure out which of the seven balloons is positioned highest. Look very carefully at the image and try to understand the solution to the visual test in just 5 seconds. It’s a truly deceptive puzzle that most people haven’t been able to answer correctly.

In the puzzle image, there are seven balloons, each of a different color. Each balloon has a different size from the others. Pay attention also to the people holding the balloons: they are all of different body types. There are children and adults. Therefore, each of them will hold the balloon according to their own physique.

Your skill lies in understanding which of all the balloons is positioned highest. Concentrate and try to grasp all the details useful to answer the question. The solution is right in front of your eyes. It’s up to you to understand which is the right signal to solve the test. But you have to do it quickly because there are only 5 seconds.

Observe all the useful elements present in the image to arrive at the solution. Which of the balloons seems highest to you compared to all the others? If the 5 seconds have passed and you want to know the answer, now is the time to discover it.

Solution: here’s the true height of the balloons

Well yes, the answer to the question was that all the balloons have the same height. To understand it better, you can look at the straight red line drawn.

Most people got the answer wrong. And which one did you think was the highest balloon?

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