Workers were repairing a house, and occasionally, strange sounds could be heard coming from under the floor. They decided to dismantle it.

The gripping tale of rescuing an animal unfolded in the Barsett family. Their cat named Thor, 3 years old and quite disciplined, had always been extremely cautious during his outdoor walks.

He would usually return home after an hour and spend the rest of his time resting in a cozy corner. However, one day he didn’t come back. Despite the family’s search throughout the town, combing through basements and questioning neighbors, they couldn’t find any traces of Thor. Over time, hope for his return dwindled.

Thor’s location turned out to be shocking. Next to the Barsett’s house was an old, long-abandoned building. Recently, it was purchased and renovations had begun, but they were dragging on for unclear reasons. As it turned out, Thor had entered this house during one of the rare work shifts and settled into a hole in the floor. The workers didn’t notice him, and eventually, the hole was covered, leaving Thor walled in.

Soon, the builders noticed unusual sounds under the floor, but they didn’t pay much attention. However, after two months, the noise became so apparent that it couldn’t be ignored.

When they opened the floor, they discovered the emaciated cat. Remembering their encounter with the Barsett family, the workers immediately returned Thor to his owners.

Thor’s condition was extremely dire, and even with veterinary help, his chances of survival were minimal. But after intensive treatment, including infusions, medications, and more, Thor slowly started to recover. Interestingly, he even had to relearn how to eat and walk.

The family still wonders how Thor managed to survive for so long, walled under the floor. Where he got water and what he ate remains a mystery. But what’s important is that seven months after this terrible incident, Thor returned to his former self.

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