You are no longer alone and I need you. The cat didn’t eat the squirrel but began to protect him, like a mother

The reputation of faithful and devoted creatures capable of friendship, won the dogs. But there are many cases when cats showed no less noble qualities and proved that they are also capable of friendship.

Although they don’t express their affection as often as dogs, however, their tender feelings captivate with touchingness and purely feline caress. Cat lovers can confidently confirm that cats are sometimes more necessary for them than they are for cats.

These fluffies feel the mood very subtly and understand when their love and support is needed. But this cat behaved too nobly and deserves to be called a real heroine.

Kitty Stella has a very affectionate and friendly character. She loves to sit on her owner Mandy’s lap while she strokes her and she washes her sweetly.

And then one day the girl found a small baby squirrel in her yard. Probably he fell out of his nest in a tree and lay helpless on the ground.

The kid was already almost cold and his life hung in the balance. Mandy was very upset by the state of the animal, but late at night she couldn’t do anything. She had never rescued an animal before and didn’t know what to do.

She took the little squirrel home and knew that affectionate Stella would definitely be glad to have a guest and help her out. And she turned out to be right. The kitty began to sniff the cub and lay down beside him like a ball.

The girl was fascinated by this sight. The kitty nursed and took care of the squirrel as if it were her own cub, and he immediately trusted her, considering her his mother.

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