YOU have 20/20 vision if you can spot the 3 differences in this photo of a doctor and a patient.

To sharpen your mind, try our new IQ test of the day. With this fun game, you’ll have the opportunity to improve your visual acuity and concentration. It’s a spot the difference game that will highlight your meticulous nature!

Indeed, only people with a meticulous mind will emerge victorious in this visual challenge. Do you belong to that group? Solve this visual puzzle to find out!

IQ Test: «What are the differences between this doctor and his patient?»
In this spot the differences game, you need to pay close attention to every detail to quickly identify the discrepancies.

So, if you’re meticulous enough, you’ll easily and quickly pass this IQ test.

To take this visual test, carefully observe the image below. These two photos depict a doctor’s office where you can see a doctor and his patient. The patient seems to be suffering from back and waist pain. You have 15 seconds to identify the 3 differences hidden in these images. It’s your turn to play!

The 15 seconds have passed. Were they enough to identify the differences between the photo of the doctor and his patient? If you managed to find them, congratulations! You’ve proven that you’re indeed a meticulous and intelligent person.

Take a look at the following image to discover the correct answers to this visual test.

If you were very attentive, you should have spotted these 3 mistakes in the second image:

  1. The doctor’s hair has become longer.
  2. The drawer of his desk has 3 shelves instead of 2.
  3. The patient is suddenly wearing socks.

If you didn’t manage to find these differences, don’t be disappointed and don’t get discouraged. Everyone has their own abilities, but nevertheless, nothing prevents you from improving.

Motivate yourself and move on to the next visual test to refine your precision, as well as to work on your concentration and boost your reflexes.

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