3 days the dog lay on the street under the pipe. A stray dog saved his life

In Kursk, a small dog decided to hide from the cold under a heating pipe. The dog climbed under the pipe, but couldn’t get out of there and was trapped. For several days the animal lay sandwiched between the ground and the pipe.He could n’t get out and over time he didn’t even have the strength to call for help. All the efforts of the baby to attract the attention of passers-by were in vain.

The puppy stopped hoping for salvation.A simply lay waiting for his life to end. Oksana found the baby at a time when he didn’t have enough strength even to just open his eyes. On the way home, the woman noticed a woolen ball under the pipe and carefully pulled it out.

It was immediately noticeable that the dog was extremely weak and needed help. Oksana called a familiar animal rights activist and she immediately sent them to the veterinarian. A young veterinarian began to treat the baby. Already at the first examination of the animal, the doctor said that a donor would be required, and also that the chances of a successful outcome weren’t high.

The results of the analyzes also didn’t give reasons for joy and the likelihood of recovery was small even with the participation of a donor. The veterinarian promised to do everything possible to help the animal.

In the search for a donor, Alexander helped a lot, one of the volunteers who helps abandoned animals. Alexander lived quite a few dogs, one of them, named Linda, became a donor.

Linda is a very kind and beautiful dog, but for a long time she can’t find a new family. It was thanks to Linda that the veterinarians managed to save the life of the dog, which was named Lada. The results of the treatment surprised even the veterinarians.It looked as if the adult and strong Linda breathed new life into the small and weak Lada.

Lada turned out to be a sociable and kind dog, reminiscent of a soft bear cub. The dog treats people with love, as if thanking them for saving her life.

Veterinarians are confident that everything will be fine with Lada. She is recovering quickly and is ready to leave the clinic. Unfortunately, the baby can’t be sent for overexposure. Contact with other animals can harm her health.So volunteers are looking for a new home for the baby where she will be loved and protected.

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