80-year-old diver dives to meet fish he saved and befriended 30 years ago

This man is an experienced aqualung. An elderly Japanese man has been diving for six decades and even managed to make friends with many marine life during this time.

But his favorite is a fish of the wrasse family. It has a large head and human-like features. Long thirty years ago, Hiroyuki Arakawa managed to save her life and this was the start of a legendary friendship.

Hiroyuki recently celebrated his 80th birthday, however, he is still doing well and continues to dive. But 30 years ago, he was diving in the bay and noticed a fish there that was injured.

The man couldn’t leave her in a helpless state and for 10 days in a row he dived to feed her, completely weak and unable to find food on her own.

He gave her the nickname Yoriko. And they’ve been friends for thirty years. Yoriko recognizes her savior, always swims near and allows herself to be kissed and caressed. When a man dives, he, with the help of a gong, attracts his favorite.

At the same time, the fact that Hiroyuki is sure that the fish will recognize him isn’t an unfounded statement. Scientists have come to the conclusion that some species of fish are able to recognize people’s faces and that Yoriko recognizes a diver is not at all fiction.

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