A 104-year-old woman fulfills her life’s goal to meet a penguin

When it comes to childhood dreams, most of us dream of going to Disney World, meeting famous people, or even becoming one. However, the wish of an extraordinary grandmother came true at the age of 104.

You’ve probably heard of organizations granting wishes after their loved ones have sent a letter asking for it. Usually, people in hospices talk to their caregivers about some of their desires.

This was when these caregivers and the organizers made the impossible possible. Bertha Komor had only one wish since she was a child: to meet a penguin. But unfortunately, the woman lived in Connecticut all her life, so it was not easy to spot one as they stayed in the cold and icy parts of the world.

The 104-year-old lady had discussed her wish with her caregiver at Village Gate Farmington. The old-age home organizers were set on the goal of making her wish come true.

This was when the Twilight Wish Foundation joined hands with the retirement home to ensure Bertha’s wish came true. Soon the volunteers arrived at Mystic Aquarium, which had beautiful penguins.

The foundation, along with members of the aquarium, organized a meet and greet between Bertha and one of their senior penguins, Mr. Red Green. They brought the penguin to the standard room, where Bertha sat with her friends and family.

One of the volunteers placed the penguin in Bertha’s lap. The older woman couldn’t contain her joy and was all smiles when she could hold the penguin and pet it. It was definitely a wish come true for the lady.

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