A brave Yorkie risked his life to save his frightened 10-year-old owner

Children and dogs have a special bond.These pets show excessive care towards their little friends.

This time a Yorkie risked her life to save her owner’s daughter from a wild coyote. The heroism once again proves that our four-legged friends are not only loving and faithful, but also protectors.

Macy is a six year old tiny Yorkie who lives with her owner in Scarborough, Toronto. She loves to play with her mistress and daughter.

One day their enjoyment turned to terror when a coyote appeared in front of them, probably from the woods.The animal was very aggressive.He didn’t hesitate to attack the Yorkie and the 10-year-old girl.

The child began to run and call for help.Surprisingly, Mary didn’t run off but started unstopped barking at the coyote.

Even a coyote bit a small dog,but she didn’t stop protecting the girl.When the coyote realized that the york was not going to give up, he disappeared.

When the owner was informed of the incident, she became worried because of her love for the little puppy.

The woman adopted Macy 5 years ago. She says that in addition to two children, Maisie is also her daughter.

Fortunately, Macy is recovering well. Agree, this dog is a true fighter.

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