A cat and a dog survived the cold together, and then they were both taken to the same shelter

This story happened in Virginia . The man was on the football field and it was there that he stumbled upon a lonely dog with a cat, who huddled in a corner and lay there hugging in the bitter cold.

He wrote about it on the social network and very soon a volunteer woman, along with her daughter, went out to help the unfortunate. Angela, as the woman was called, admitted that in addition to frost, the situation was dangerous with many coyotes in this region, so the kids needed to be rescued urgently.

Once at the same football field to pick them up, the dog suddenly stood between the people and the cat and defended his girlfriend. But I called the capture service, which arrived and caught the cat without any problems.

The veterinarian had an examination and both turned out to be healthy, only now, the dog was very frightened, so they also left him with the cat in the clinic so that both would be less worried.

The shelter staff found out about the cat and the dog, and so together and took them so that they would not part.And then began to look for a family that would agree to take them together, as separation would be a huge stress for them.

Now they have been sent to temporary overexposure, where they will be sterilized and ready for life in a permanent home. Volunteers know that it will be difficult to place them together, but still do not lose hope.

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