A cat is living her best life after being rescued from a sewer drain

Toddlers and kittens can be a match made in heaven. Even for this family, who never expected to own a cat, they knew that they couldn’t say no to their child’s desire for a “mew mew.”

Just two days before Christmas, a mother and her toddler, Hudson, were walking around the neighborhood when they heard a cat screeching from a sewer drain. Having a big heart, they couldn’t let this go.

Seeing as this cat was around the whole time, they decided it would be a good idea to take him in.

On Christmas Day, Hudson was enjoying her new pet and took the cat home. After checking the cat at the vet, he was found that he was generally healthy.

With two other dogs sharing the household, the “mother dog.” This cat is definitely brave as he likes to play with much bigger dogs.

Even sleeping on a large dog bed with his two other furry friends, this cat might think he’s a dog too. Following Hudson around the house, this cat loves to play and interact with his new family.

Not all kittens are born so tolerant of large dogs and small children. However, he certainly has a unique view of this lucky cat who survived the sewer drain.

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