A cat named Buttercup was saved with a blood transfusion taken from a dog

The cat, right during a walk, through negligence landed in the wrong place and was very seriously injured. He was in a terrible state, however, the will to live of this energetic fluffy was very strong and he somehow gathered himself and crawled to the threshold of his owners.

The owner said that when he opened the door, he found the cat in a terrible state and it was necessary to save him immediately. Fortunately, the man quickly realized and called an ambulance and the poor man was taken to the veterinary clinic.

The veterinarians didn’t fight to the end and took an exceptional step, deciding to give Buttercup a transfusion of dog blood.

And the thing is that Buttercup’s blood turned out to be very rare with a small number of red blood cells, which were five times less than the cat’s norm.

But it was thanks to this genetic mutation that he survived. The fact is that during the transfusion, there was no rejection in Dandelion, and after the surgical intervention, his condition stabilized.

Now he feels great and just stays in the hospital until full rehabilitation. And this case has become a precedent that scientists will investigate, however, of course, the cat itself is not involved in the experiments.

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