A cat named Denga enriched the owner and received a gold chain for 6,000 $

A Malaysian businesswoman, Khaliza Mysuri, adores her cat named Money. And this is justified, because the cat helped the wife to get rich.

It’s all honest, the magic of ordinary cats.Here is Denga with her present: a chain for 6000 dollars.

Khaliza specifically noted that the chain is made to order, it will not fit any other cat. Such generous spending is a modest payment for merit, because the cat is really magical.

Her magic is that she attracts money, so the business of the hostess is booming. It was like that… By the way, talking about magic is not humor at all. When Khaliza bought a kitten from a pet store, she was given something of a fortune.

For example, if you let the cat go, if it leaves, then the money will go with it. Vice versa. Therefore, Denga hardly walks by herself, she is literally carried in her arms by the hostess, husband or maid.

It may be a story, but it’s only since Khaliza got Denga that she has increased her fortune many times over. Lucrative orders come in every time she dresses her cat in a new dress or takes him to the spa. So Khaliza is happy to spend money on her pet.

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