A couple took four kittens for a while, but the kids had their own plans

One of the inhabitants of a small town in Indiana complained to animal rights activists that many homeless kittens appeared at his house. Animal rights activists caught 8 babies and took them to a shelter.

One family took 4 kids, a couple of girls and a couple of boys, for overexposure at once. Sarah and Rick thought that they would take care of the babies for several months and then give them to permanent owners, but they soon realized that their plan failed.

Rick from the first days fell in love with his wards and gradually these feelings only became stronger. The thought that the babies would have to be given away caused him real pain. The man began to tell his wife to leave the kittens, but Sarah stubbornly refused, because, despite her love for animals, she believed that they would not be able to keep so many animals at once. Neither the persuasion of her husband, nor the cute faces of the kittens could make Sarah change her mind.

The last day of overexposure was decisive. The day before the kids returned to the shelter, whose employees were supposed to find new families for the kittens, Sarah felt bad. Returning home, the woman decided to lie down and as soon as she did, Leo the kitten was on the bed next to her, who tried to kiss her. Sarah felt sad, because tomorrow she had to part with this wonderful baby.

Sarah decided that she and Rick could keep Leo, because the kitten was so cute. Then the woman looked at her other wards, running nearby. Fin was delighted with his toys, Grosette, although she loved to bite, grew up a real beauty, and Rosie was the most affectionate girl in the world, at any opportunity she immediately climbed into a woman’s arms.

Sarah realized that she could not take the kittens to the shelter, because she loves each of them. All four kids have remained to live in the house, under the supervision of Sarah and Rick, who simply adore their pets.

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