A courageous Terrier lost at sea reunited with very emotional dog daddy

Keeping a pet is a memorable experience, especially if you are seventy-five-year-old. You treat them like your children and you can’t imagine your life without them. Recently, an Australian fisherman almost lost his dog off the coast of Melbourne while they were out fishing.

Alfonse Attard and his Jack Russell Terrier were about a kilometer off Altona Beach when Attard saw that the fishing boat had a leak. The boat capsized early in the morning.

Attard was thrown into the ocean. The poor fellow was holding on to the fishing boat, hoping that someone would come to rescue them. Luckily, two fishermen, Laurie Borg and his son Trever, spotted Attard.

After Attard was brought back to shore, the seventy-five-year-old began to panic for his dog, Jack. The Terrier was Attard’s pet for over eighteen years, and the owner was concerned about his safety.

That was when the water police and the Altona Life Saving Club returned to find the Jack Russell Terrier. They capsized the boat where the Terrier was found sitting inside the bow of the boat.

Eventually, volunteers brought Jack back to safety and the terrier was reunited with his owner.

The owner was very happy and jumped up and down with joy. Attard believed the leak was caused by a loose plug under the boat. Due to the accident, the duo was not afraid of boating. The brave couple went back to fishing the next day.

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