A creature was sitting on a melting ice floe and shivering from the cold. The fishermen were very surprised to find out who it was

This animal nailed to the almost melted ice floe and trembled all over.

The little fox might have a much sadder fate if not for a fishing boat passing nearby. People paid attention to the creature huddled on the ice floe, which was about to fall apart very soon.

It isn’t surprising that the fishermen didn’t expect such a «catch».They specialized in crabs, but not in any way in arctic foxes.

The boat crew shared that they didn’t even immediately realize what kind of speck was moving on the ice floe, but nevertheless ventured to come closer to consider.

On the ice floe was a fox cub, a polar fox. The animal was exhausted. He was wet, cold and exhausted from the constant struggle with the seagulls, which had already begun to hunt him.

The crew instantly began to rescue the polar fox. At first they tried to take him off the ice floe with their hands, but he was shy and would not let anyone near him. So they broke the ice floe, the fox fell into the water and they caught it very soon with a fishing net.

Then the animal was placed in a plastic tray covered with sawdust. When he dried up and warmed up, he was treated to sausages, which he ate with great pleasure.

Then he spent two days in the port of William’s port and finally getting stronger. The cub was released into its natural habitat. And we hope that he will be more careful in the future.

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