A dachshund who waits for his breakfast, is all of us in the morning

The video starts on the right side of the kitchen counter, slowly moving to the left. We see a woman tapping away at her phone and a dog sitting at the counter. What is he looking at?

The camera pans a little more and we finally get to see what the first dog is looking at. It’s an enthusiastic Dachshund. “I am waiting at the counter,” plays the music as this little waits for his first meal of the day.

We have a feeling if you could ask her, he’d tell you she’s not impatient. It’s just really late. After all, breakfast was supposed to be served ten minutes ago.

She just really needs to get her day started. Of course, simply being at the counter doesn’t guarantee she’ll get her food quickly.. There’s another puppy pal who also has to wait, so she has some competition.

Her plan? She’ll wave her paws up and down trying to get her mom to feed her faster. While probably not the most effective method, it sure is adorable.

If you look closely, this Dachshund’s attempts to get fast service isn’t the only cute part of this video. Look closer at the other puppy who’s at the counter. You can see the silent judgment as the slightly older dog stares at the Dachshund.

If anything, this video serves as a great example of the two types of morning people: those who are ready to go and those who just want to go back to bed! Which one are you?

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