A dog came to us that was «missing» part of the nose and ears

This dog is three years old and when she came to us, her nose and ears were cut off. I don’t know who could have done this to an animal and I can’t find words to describe the degree of cruelty this animal was subjected to.

The dog does not have a nickname yet, but I call her Emma, it seems to me that this name suits her. The girl is very sweet, small, about 40 cm at the withers, she is kind and it is a pity that such an animal has to live in a shelter.

Dogs that end up in a shelter usually have a very difficult fate.

For some animals, the shelter is a temporary shelter, for someone it is the only home they have. Some animals cannot find a home for years and the shelter turns into a nursing home for them. We understand that it is impossible to find a home for each of our wards, but it is very difficult to watch how they gradually fade away without love, affection and their home.

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