A dog protects its owner from a venomous snake

Dogs are not only good companions for us, but also excellent protectors.They never hesitate to take heroic steps when their owners are in danger.

A man was recently rescued by his guardian dog from an attack by a venomous snake.

Zachary Pate from Alabama shared a post about an incident of an incredible rescue story. “Ruger saved me a hospital trip maybe even my life,”.

The dog wrapped around its owner’s leg, hurting him.

When Pate looked down to reassure his friend, he realized that Ruger was actually protecting him from a large copperhead.

These species are poisonous, and after being injured, people need special treatment.

Pate was so grateful for his dog’s heroic act that saved him from a trip to the hospital.

Fortunately, both the owner and the pet escaped the snake without any injury.

Luckily, both the owner and the pet avoided the snake without any injuries. But the man had a bleeding cut that happened accidentally while being pulled by a dog.

But fortunately everything is in the past!

The owner thinks that the dog deserves the award of the best dog of the year, as he remembers this with tears in his eyes!

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