A dog rescued from the street unexpectedly gave birth to 13 puppies

British volunteers took a pregnant dog from the street. The expectant mother was named Elsa, her babies were born a few weeks later.

“We knew that Elsa was getting ready to become a mother and assumed that there would be at least 6 puppies, but she became small with 13 babies and for us such a number was a real shock.

Elsa wasn’t afraid of so many puppies, she quickly tuned in to the wave of motherhood and take care of all her numerous heirs.

We are glad that all the puppies are healthy, they grow and develop quickly, and Elsa pays maximum attention to them,” says one of the volunteers.

Although Elsa turned out to be a wonderful mother, it is difficult for her to cope with so many babies alone.So volunteers come to the rescue. Mom does not have enough milk for all the puppies, so people supplement the babies from the bottle.

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