A dog was sitting next to a pregnant sheepdog, showing that she needed help

A medium-sized red dog guarded a pregnant sheepdog that was hit by a car. But the drivers ignored them, moving on without slowing down.
The track was very crowded, the cars rushed by quickly and no one paid attention to this heartbreaking scene in which the injured pregnant animal could not get help. However, the second dog did not leave her alone.

But at some point, a man was driving along the road who stopped and called the rescuers.

Upon arrival, experts assessed the severity of the injury to the pregnant sheepdog. Unfortunately, they assessed the chances as low the dog was having difficulty breathing, as it was badly injured.

Nevertheless, of course, she was taken to the veterinary clinic, where she went not alone, butwith her red-haired friend.He didn’t even think of leaving the shepherd. Even experienced veterinarians who are well acquainted with the behavioral characteristics of dogs, such loyalty was a novelty.

The future mother had to plaster the fractures discovered during the examination, which caused severe pain. Fortunately, the injuries didn’t affect her offspring, preparing for birth. Literally a few days later,was born a litter of eleven healthy babies.

And even at this time, the red-haired friend did not leave his girlfriend. He was constantly on guard, showing some suspicion towards the people around him.

The young mother remained in the clinic, where she continued difficult treatment. But the staff took excellent care of her, and the dog gradually returned to normal, restoring her health. In the meantime, the puppies were placed in safe hands, and their mother also found her own home a little later.

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