A dog with a romantic name is waiting for a kind owner after her successful operation

Most Asian countries have very poor shelters for abandoned animals. They do not have the means for the normal maintenance of the rescued animals, which raises a dumb question, but where were these animals better at all.

A dog named Amore ended up in such a shelter without normal conditions. The nickname was given due to the fact that this dog is so affectionate that he gives his love to the owners.

In this poor shelter, there were about 200 dogs that simply suffered in such conditions. No one treated sick animals, so they simply died in that ill-fated place.

There were few people wishing to take the unfortunate animals since they still needed to be treated after the shelter. Nobody needs sick and tortured dogs. Amore was also sick, she had a hernia. Only now, no one was going to do the operation.

It was Amore who was lucky and became interested in the employees of the American shelter, who often help Asian dogs. Thus, Amore ended up in the United States, where she immediately underwent surgery to get rid of her hernia.

Now Amore is in a good American shelter, where she is taken care of and loved. Employees hope that someone will like the dog and the new owners will give her home because she is very friendly and affectionate.

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