A domestic cat brought abandoned squirrels from a walk and became a caring mother for them

This cat is very fond of walking. At first, the owners were worried about her, because she wasn’t limited to the district of the house in which she lived. She was very fond of wandering through the forest that was located nearby.

After some time, the owners got used to such a pet hobby and were no longer against it when she walked for several days. At one fine moment, the cat returned from another walk, but not alone. In her teeth, she carried several baby squirrels one by one.

The most interesting thing is that the cat never had kittens, but the squirrels somehow aroused the maternal instinct in her.

Apparently, the squirrel mother abandoned these babies, and maybe even died. If not for the intervention of this fluffy heroine, the kids could have died. Now they have a warm home and a caring mother. The owners of the cat do not yet know what they will do with the squirrels when they grow up.But in the near future the whole new family will live with them at home.

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