A faithful dog was waiting for the owner by the hospital bed. He did not understand that they would no longer meet in this world.

There are legends about the loyalty and devotion of dogs, and this is a fact not need any proof and unnecessary confirmation. And every time they show even more touching examples of devotion that will make everyone to cry.

So in one of the Facebook group dedicated to the rescued animals of the US state of New Jersey, a post was published with only one photo, but it was this photo that caused a flurry of emotions among web users.

Dog Losyash, very young, only three years old, and he sits drooping by a hospital bed. He waits for the owner and does not leave, but he has already gone to another world.

Losyash is between a Labrador and a mongrel, and his distinguishing feature is that he loves everyone in a row, be it a person or another animal. Under the photo it is written that Losyash really needs a home and loving owners who will support him and help him cope with the loss.

People were shocked by both the photo itself and the heartbreaking story. The post gained a huge number of likes and reposts from caring people, and in an extremely short time, in just one week, Losyash managed to find the owners.

Network user admired the dog and noted that the animals are devoted to the end of their owner, many wrote that when they saw this picture, they could not hold back their tears, many wanted to take care of the glorious dog themselves.

Fortunately, it has already been attached and the new owners will help him survive a difficult period in his life.

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