A farmer paints his dog like a tiger to protect his crops from monkeys

Many of us know that monkeys are quite smart and nimble animals. In addition, they are very curious and can often misbehave. A lot of information and facts about the inconvenience they can bring to a person.

So, in India, monkeys are considered sacred animals, so they cannot be harmed, and for this reason the animals are completely insolent. They cause a lot of problems for farmers. But a farmer named Shrikant Govda came up with an original way to scare away the monkeys.

The creatures that monkeys are very much afraid of are tigers. That is why local residents often use stuffed animals of these predators. However, the farmer did not hope for a scarecrow. Having studied the habits of monkeys, he saw that they are quite smart and cannot be stopped by a motionless figure for a long time.

First, he set up a banner with a tiger on the field, with the help of the wind the figure could move. But this was not enough for the farmer, he decided to repaint the red dog into a striped tiger. He bought eco-friendly plant-based paint and made the characteristic dark stripes on the dog’s body.

The decision turned out to be very successful and even the dog got a taste, as the monkeys began to get scared of him, which had never happened before. The owner is finally calm and can breathe easy, knowing that no one will harm.

The man and his amazing tigress have become famous throughout the city and are recognized from afar.

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