A fearless young man jumped onto the tracks to save the life of a little kitten

Egor Kuzin, the owner of the Cats and People cafe, shared an interesting story about how he forced the subway employees to go down and pull out a tiny kitten that somehow got in the way of the station.

The little kitten sat there for two days, risking his life, because trains passed over him without ceasing and the staff didn’t pay attention to this and didn’t intend to help.

Realizing that no one would help Yegor, he decided to take a risk in order to save the cub.For the sake of saving him, he jumped onto the rails, he failed to cope on his own, but the uproar forced the authorities to take action.

Jumping onto the rails is quoted as a violation of law and order, then the young man was detained, but literally the next day it was stated that there were no claims against the man.

Egor himself doesn’t justify his act, but assures that at that time there was no other way out and it was in this way that the cat was saved. The kitty turned out to be a very affectionate girl and she fell into the hands of very cruel people.

The poor girl’s fingers were injured, her tail was cut off and apparently, it was these people who did not find anything better than throwing her onto the rails. But now the baby, who was given the nickname Ryska, lives in the house of the new owners and very quickly restores her health.

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