A girl found a tiny street kitten and he turned out to be unique

Holly found a tiny kitten in the trash. The little one was only a week old, but he turned out to be a unique creature.

When the girl heard a plaintive squeak coming from a pile of rubbish, she couldn’t believe her ears. A thin voice asked for help. Holly went to the trash can and saw a tiny kitten that was no more than 7 days old. The newborn was in a terrible state.His tiny foot was broken and the other three were struck by an infection.

After receiving advice from the veterinarian the girl hurried home. She prepared bottles, a heating pad and everything a tiny kitten might need to survive without a cat mom.

Attempts were successful.The baby began to grow and gain weight. Soon he opened his eyes and was already able to look at his savior. But it wasn’t easy for him to start walking. The fact is that the doctor failed to cure one of the legs affected by the infection, so it had to be removed. The baby learned to take his first steps on three thin legs.

The kitten had a tricolor color (calico) which gave the baby charm. Usually this combination of colors is inherent in cats and Holly decided that she had picked up a lovely «girl».

At the next appointment at the clinic, the veterinarian said that it was a cat! He himself was surprised, the birth of a tricolor calico cat is an extremely rare phenomenon, from the point of view of genetics.

The doctor explained that a cat with this color is a “product” of a rare gene mutation.So in nature tricolor “boys” are found 1 in 3,000.

Holly decided that she would never part with a pet that has an affectionate and playful character!

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