A Golden Retriever is patiently waiting to meet the family’s new puppy

Like most dogs, Sam the golden retriever is noticeably interested in a new Maine Coon puppy that has arrived at his home. This little is known as “Luna,” and it seems like she’s still getting used to her new home.

However, kittens can be scared easily, and the last thing Sam wants is for Luna to run away from him. He decides to wait patiently until she’s comfortable enough to come to him.

It’s not a quick process. We see him watching her from various positions around the house. Luna keeps looking at Sam, not sure what he’s doing or how to react.

We’ve shown various shots of Sam lying on the floor outside the bathroom, patiently waiting for Luna to adjust to her surroundings. Eventually, his patience pays off and she cautiously ventures out to visit.

Slowly and carefully, Luna wanders up to Sam and gives him a quick sniff. “What’s this new smell!?” She pulls back in what appears to be mock horror, clearly confused by this new smell.

“What are you eating Sam?» Luckily, Sam doesn’t take offense to this reaction and just watches her walk away. It’s pretty funny and made us wonder if Sam smelled too new for Luna or had bad breath.

At least Luna came to say hello, but since Sam probably doesn’t brush his teeth, it might be a little while before Luna visits. Oh, you’ve lasted so long, Sam. We’re sure you can wait a little longer for her to come back.

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