A good lawyer knows the law, but a great lawyer knows the judge…

Francesco «Frank» Caprio is an American lawyer, politician, and currently serves as Chief Municipal Judge in Providence, Rhode Island. He is also a past president of the Rhode Island Board of Governors.

Judge Caprio has become a household name across the United States, thanks to a television and Youtube show called «Caught in Providence.’»The show went viral on Youtube due to Judge Caprio’s compassionate approach to justice.

The show features real people who come to Judge Caprio’s court to hear their cases. He is known for his favorite interactions with these people who clearly avoid appearing in court.

He clearly has a way with people, helping them relax in an otherwise tense situation. In this episode, he hears the case of a woman named Gloria Sanchez.

She was pulled up for running a red light, and she initially agreed to a guilty verdict. At this point, Judge Caprio asks if anyone would like to be her lawyer.Two people in the stands volunteer.

After a comical conversation with these two people, Judge Caprio appoints a «real» lawyer, who happens to be his son, David. David is quick to point out that Gloria is not guilty because of some obscure law that should be more obvious.

«Caught in Providence» is known for such compassionate interactions between judges, lawyers and citizens.This episode has gotten over a million views.

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