A homeless cat was spayed, but that didn’t stop her from feeding 13 abandoned kittens

Teresa was sterilized, after which she went to live with volunteers for overexposure. The plans were to let her live back in the courtyard she knew, as soon as after the operation.

When Teresa was in foster care, a couple of small kittens found in a garbage dump also got there.

The kittens were brought to an overexposure, where the cats temporarily lived after sterilization. Volunteers hoped that one of them would want to take care of the kids. The kittens were simply placed in the middle of the room, waiting for one of the wards to approach them. The babies immediately began to cry loudly, hoping that their mother would hear them.

One of the cats approached the kids. Much later, this striped animal would be named Teresa, but for now, like the rest of the residents of the overexposure, she was just a cat. The animal began to purr, calling the kids. The kittens were placed in a cage with a cat, who immediately began to wash them.

The week turned out to be very difficult, almost daily they wrote to the group about discarded kittens.Volunteers picked them up and brought them to Teresa for overexposure. Every day, new babies appeared in the cat’s cage. Unfortunately, not everyone was found on time, some were very weak and sick, so they lived very little.

Teresa did her best to take care of the children, trying to warm and wash everyone, fed and comforted the newcomers, made sure that everyone was fed and happy.

In just a week, 13 kittens came under Teresa’s care. Unfortunately, only five were able to survive, but Teresa took care of everyone who ended up in her cage, not denying any of them any warmth, food, or affection.

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