A homeless woman’s dog was taken away. The lawyer decided to deal with such injustice

Loreal Moore is a homeless woman who is 28 years old. Fate didn’t blessed her, but in the life of the heroine there is great joy a dog named Oreo. They were inseparable until the dog was suddenly taken away by the police.

But what happened? Why was a homeless woman deprived of the only friend who was always there?

As it turns out, something unfortunate happened.

A homeless woman became pester by a man, intending to force her into physical intimacy. But Oreo, unable to bear the fact that his mistress was offended, rushed at the man and bit him.Immediately, the police rushed in, who took the faithful dog with them leaving Miss Moore alone.

The woman admitted that without a four-legged friend, she felt devastated.

Meanwhile, Oreo was sent to the Animal Care Center to be tested for rabies.The procedure threatened to drag on for a long time.And Loreal have had to wait several months before anything was decided. And it wasn’t the fact that everything in her favor.

Realizing this a lawyer named Alex Urbelis who lived in the neighborhood and knew Miss Moore, took up the case. He was sure that the paperwork would last indefinitely and therefore decided to speed up the process and help Loreal reunite with his dog.

“I myself am a dog lover, so I understand how much the owner loves her dog” Alex explained his desire to support the woman.

Thanks to a competent approach, the man managed to ensure that the animal was examined in a short time and revealed signs of the disease. Fortunately, Oreo didn’t have any rabies.So there was no reason to keep the dog in a veterinary clinic. Alex personally came and took the pet with him.

Soon Loreal was hugging her four-legged friend. According to the hostess, she simply doesn’t have words to express her deep gratitude for the help that the lawyer provided to her.

“He is just wonderful! Awesome! He has done more for me than anyone in my life.” The woman confesses with tears in her eyes.

Well, justice has served and the hostess and the dog are together again!

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