A huge puppy that looks like a fluffy cloud became famous because of the similarities in the Oreo cookies

The puppies are all good. However, there are those whose cuteness just rolls over and it is difficult to resist and not come up to stroke and cuddle this charming creature.

A clear example of this is a puppy named Chief, who has already become famous all over the web because of his fluffy cloud of wool, reminiscent of Oreo cookies.

Chief’s owner, Sarah Hamilton, posted a photo of her pet in one of the thematic groups on Facebook and the pictures instantly spread throughout the network, receiving more than 22 thousand likes and several thousand comments.

Users could not remain indifferent at the sight of this charming black and white fluffy ball.

By the way, Chif’s interesting colors and funny muzzle are not his only advantages. Owner Sarah says that the dog is also very smart and quickly learns everything new, his disposition is calm and affectionate and he is being trained to become a dog for therapy.\

In addition, Sarah adds that he was named Chief (Chief in British transcription), as he will look very solid. Its weight will reach up to 40 kilos, in addition, the dog has clear leadership qualities.

They adopted the puppy when he was only eight weeks old and even then he showed miracles of quick wit. For example, he immediately realized that he should go to the toilet on the street.

In addition, Chief is very fond of cuddles and snores loudly when he sleeps, loves the bath and becomes offended when someone goes there without taking him with them.

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