A hungry flea kitten was driven from everywhere, and he just walked wherever his eyes looked …

There was no place for the little ginger kitten anywhere. He did not know where his mother, brothers and sisters were, and walked wherever his eyes looked. He was mercilessly bitten by fleas, and his stomach ached with hunger.

The cat was not only bad and scary, but everyone deliberately chased him away. He could not stay in any of the yards to look for leftovers in the trash. Either the dogs frightened the baby, or the evil people drove him away, or the counterparts hissed with displeasure, looking askance in his direction.

Who knows how this story would have ended if not for Tamara Afanasyeva. At that very time, she arrived in Adygea, and quite by chance met a kitten.The woman felt sorry for the pet and immediately thought that she would take him home. She could not do this on the same day, because the family was going to the sea, but on the way back, Tamara promised herself to return for the baby.

Everything turned out the way the woman planned! Five days later she met the kitten again. He was delighted to see an old friend, and willingly went to her arms.

Now the pet lives in Karelia! Tamara has another cat at home, which has become a faithful friend of the new one.

This is how a homeless kitten found a home and became a happy, well-fed cat! Thanks to Tamara for taking the baby from the street and giving a new life. True, he had to change his place of residence …

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