A kind dog became a mother for possums that ride on her back

We know many extraordinary stories about friendship between animals of two different species.

But, perhaps, no one can be compared in kindness and ability to help those in need with dogs, and there are many such examples.

Meet the adorable dog Pretigny, who adopted tiny possums. Her owner Stephanie discovered newborn helpless possums.

They had just lost their mother and were too weak and helpless to survive without human help. The girl rescued them and took them to the local wildlife rescue center in Rio de Janeiro.

However, unfortunately, there was no place for the kids, and Stephanie had no choice but to take them home. She began to take care of them, although it was very difficult.

The orphaned possums were too young and weak, and keeping them alive was an almost impossible task. But Pretigna hurried to help her beloved mistress.

As soon as she saw the animals, she began to sniff and lick them, adopted them and become their foster mother. The caring dog warmed the poor fellows all the time and did not leave them a single step. She treated them like her own children.

Pretigny’s kindness, care, love and comfort have kept the little opossums alive and well. They were able to survive thanks to a caring foster mother, who loved to carry them on her back with great pleasure, and now the unusual family is simply connected.

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