A kind dog saved a groundhog who almost drowned in a lake

During the summer weekend, the couple went to the lake to spend a few warm days with their dog named Wally.

A kind dog saved a groundhog who nearly drowned in a lake. This is a great story that appeals to everyone.

The family was on a boat enjoying the fine weather when they noticed a drowning animal nearby.

At first glance, the animal looked like an otter in need of help. Their dog immediately noticed the poor animal. Then it turned out that he was a groundhog.

The couple were surprised by their dog’s behavior.They said that the dog did not hesitate for a second and immediately jumped into the water.

As they both swam, the mouse jumped onto the dog’s back in gratitude for saving his life. Then the animals looked at each other and touched each other, after which the cub ran to the shore.

The animal was not around, but he was lucky that the dog noticed him in time and came to the rescue.

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