A kind mongrel and his new family..

In the friend’s family it took a long time to decide which dog to shelter. A friend wanted on a small breed, and her husband had his own idea of ​​breeds.

“A dog is a dog” he said until a puppy of a yard breed nailed into the courtyard of their private house, no better, but no worse than his breeding counterparts.

This cute puppy with mischievous eyes and an elongated muzzle was lying on the rug by the door when her friend’s husband came home from work. “Just to take and drive out the puppy didn’t raise a hand” said the husband.

And so the puppy was left, the nickname was given «Beetle», which corresponded to its black color. The puppy was in good hands.He was surrounded by care and attention. The beetle, despite its origin, was well trained.He was so much affectionate and kind mongrel.

A friend and her husband are overjoyed at the new family member.All the talk is only about him. It’s good that the story of this puppy ended like that.

And how many more mongrels live next to us: evil and kind, cute and not so? In every city and in the yards. But the good thing is that there are people who do not raise their hand to hurt them.

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