A kind policeman comforts a toddler when he finds him wandering the streets alone

He didn’t have to stay with the boy, but he did. He said he felt it was just «human instinct to pick him up and comfort him.»

When the station received reports of a small child wandering the streets alone, police officer James Hurst immediately responded.

Hurst is an officer in Savannah, Georgia, and while his job is to protect and serve, he did his best to stay on the job.

Citizens called the police station for help and Officer Hurst responded.

Officer Hurst wasted no time in getting this little boy to safety. He was able to pick him up and take him to the nearest hospital for examination.

While at the hospital, the officer was photographed cradling the boy. The photo quickly went viral due to the compassion you see on the officer’s face.

It is clear that the little boy was very scared and nervous during the hospital examination.He picked the boy up and hugged him tightly.

The little boy fell asleep instantly and the famous photograph was taken. Hirst’s image shows the best that is in humanity, and the world fell in love with him.

A father himself, Hurst says that he just did what felt right.

“This job is so much more than just chasing the bad guys. It’s about serving the citizens of the communities that you work in and doing what they need you to do,” Hurst told.

Often one caring person is enough to come to the aid of a person. Yes, it was his work, but obviously it was a response from the heart.

The hospital said he was in good condition considering his ordeal.One thing is certain, he was lucky to have Officer Hearst in his corner.

So let’s watch the heartwarming video!

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