A lion walked calmly in the park. People panicked, but in vain because it wasn’t a wild animal but a cute dog

Can you imagine the surprise of the inhabitants of the city of Molina de Sigura in Spain when they noticed a lion calmly walking down the street?

A wild animal was walking through the park and, of course, people worried «a little bit» . Reports of an emergency immediately poured into the police, and soon employees were forced to come to the scene to see for themselves.

Really a lion walked around the park, which was caught and found a microchip. So then it became clear that people were very wrong. The animal turned out not to be a lion at all, but a dog. And the pet, by the way, was very friendly towards strangers.

Se han recibido esta mañana varios avisos alertando de que habían visto suelto por la zona de huerta un león 🦁, otros un bicho extraño, pero finalmente le hemos pasado el lector de microchip y ha resultado ser un… perro 🐕. Identificando a su titular. pic.twitter.com/O5k6ZClX9a
— Policia Local Molina de Segura (@MolinaPolicia) March 7, 2020

People who mistook a wild animal for a dog can be understood. The dog was so cut that he became very similar to a lion. Oh, and he scared the locals.


— Policia Local Molina de Segura (@MolinaPolicia) March 7, 2020

However, the “lion” is completely harmless and won’t harm anyone, except that he will lick the face and hands of a person who decides to get to know him.

The news was published on social networks and it quickly became popular, gaining thousands of likes on Twitter.

Some of you may think that it’ss impossible to confuse a dog with a lion. However, it happened!

Many believe that the owner, having given his pet such a haircut, he endangered him, because someone frightened can shoot at the animal.

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