A little boy saved a cat and after 4 years this cat thanked him

The son of Australian Mel Morruu, Paeton, brought into the house a thin red cat, which he found on the street. The boy asked his parents to leave the animal, but there were already two cats in the house and the adults didn’t want to agree to have a third one. The boy persisted and a third pet appeared in the house with the name Mit Jinja Ninja.

Meat spent the next morning at the vet. The cat was examined for the presence of diseases and a chip was installed on him. Paeton very quickly became friends with Mit and although there were two more cats in the house, it was the saffron found on the street that became the boy’s favorite.

Mit lived in the family for 4 years, when misfortune came to the house. Paeton was diagnosed with cancer. A 12-year-old boy was prescribed chemotherapy, after which he returned home. As soon as the boy crossed the threshold of the house, Mit approached him and didn’t move a single step.

The cat spent several months near his little owner, singing his songs to him and doing massage with his paws. Treatment and support brought results and the disease remained in the past.

Now Paetom is already 19, but he still loves his cat Mita and tries not to be separated from him. Payton gave him a house and remembering the fear that he could lose a loved one.

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