A little boy’s day is made when horses run to greet him

It’s not uncommon for children to bond with animals they see daily. These bonds are usually between a child and their pet dog or cat, but sometimes, children find friendship in other places.

In this adorable video, we’re introduced to the son of @mrspaulmessens. He has formed a unique friendship with some local horses. We see the little boy standing in front of a white fence. He leans forward and calls out to the horses.

As “The Cowboy in Me” by Tim McGraw plays in the background, we can see three horses instantly start galloping across the field, coming over to greet their young friend.

The boy claps as they make their way. There are two light brown horses and one dark brown one.All the horses are absolutely dwarfed by the size of a child, but he is clearly used to this.

He watches the horses as they slow down and walk next to the fence. One of the light brown horses approaches the boy from the right, poking his head over the fence.


The boy walks to try to pet him, but he can’t reach, so the horse lowers its head and licks the boy’s hand. Now, the brown horse has come over to say hello.

It’s so cute to watch this boy interact with these horses. Even though he can’t reach them, that doesn’t stop him from wanting to see his four-legged friends. We’re sure their bond will only grow once he gets tall enough to pet them over the fence!

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