A little deer could have drowned in a pond if it hadn’t been saved by a dog

One day the owner discovered the loss of his beloved dog. First of all, he went to the lake, as his pet loved to frolic on the shore.

When the man looked closer he realized that his pet was dragging a small deer.

It is unclear how the animal could have fallen into the water.But without the help of the dog, the deer wouldn’t have been able to get out of the reservoir. It is surprising that the dog decided to help the cub.

The owner of the dog examined the deer. When he was sure that the animal was in a satisfactory condition, he released him to freedom. The dog didn’t want to part with the newly-made friend, but he had to do just that.

But the next morning they met again when the man went out with the dog for a walk. The dog approached the deer, they looked into each other’s eyes for several minutes and then parted in different directions.

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