A little girl sneaks into her mother dog’s room while she is feeding her puppies

Many parents often wonder if they should have a pet at home, especially if there are children around. Their main concern is that babies can be injured by the sharp claws and teeth of cats and dogs.

However, it would not be wrong to say that the relationships that children build with their pets shows how they will treat others when they grow up. It also helps children learn trust, empathy and compassion from a tender age. This was recently proven by a small child petting her dog in the middle of the night.

The little one’s family had a Golden Retriever that recently gave birth to 8 cute little puppies. The parents had installed a camera in the mother dog’s room. The camera caught the toddler petting the mother dog out of love and kindness.

At that time, the dog was feeding her 8 puppies. The little one petted the dog as if she was trying to give the mother some courage. The dog also looked at the baby with love.

The toddler thought of retreating to her own room for a short moment. However, she returned almost immediately and started petting the dog again. She also kissed the dog’s forehead. In the meanwhile, a pup had moved away from others.

The little one also stroked the kitten. This also made the mother dog realize that the pup was away from the other puppies. So she gently pushed the pup towards the other puppies with her nose.

The little one waited patiently while the mother dog brought her lost pup up to par with the others. Finally, the mother dog allowed the little human to approach her pups, proving how much she trusted the little one.

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