A mama cat just wants to cuddle her adventurous kitten

As little ones grow up, it can be difficult for some parents to let their babies explore. That was the case for the adorable kitten, Kiki, and her mama cat, Mimi.

Most of the time, cats have litters of three to five, but when Mimi had her litter, she only had Kiki. This meant that all the attention Mimi would give her litter went to her one child.

Being an only child definitely has its advantages. For example, Kiki did not have to compete with other kittens for milk. But as any single child will tell you, being your mom’s undivided attention can be overwhelming.

After a brief health scare, Kiki was ready to leave her box and venture out into the world.On the other hand her mom just wanted to clean her and cuddle with her.

When the little one got to the box, Mimi stepped into the nursery and attacked her baby with cubs. When Kiki wasn’t interested in eating, Mimi decided it was time to play.

In most of the litter, kittens would play with one another and give their mom a break from their antics. Kiki took the responsibility to show her baby how to be a kitten.

Eventually, the adventurous kitten gave up on escaping from the box and realized she was hungry. Check out this adorable mother-daughter duo hanging out together! If you love cats, you’ll want to see this.

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