A man adopted a kitten, and she filled his whole life with new experiences

All cats love to flirt with their owners, and this is not even always associated with mercantile goals such as “let’s eat.” However, the case of Clarissa, a restless kitten with a special philosophy, stands out from the crowd.

We became interested in this story and we prepared it for you. There was a man named Jesse. His friend adopted a pregnant cat from a shelter and soon Jesse got one of the newborn kittens. Little and restless Clarissa.

Jesse, even though he is a cat lover, probably would have refused – there are already two adult cats at home. But Clarissa did not even ask him, but immediately took a strategic position.

And so it happened with them : taking advantage of Jesse’s weakness, the kitten is constantly looking for close contact. And Clarissa cares little about what a person is doing at this time.

The kitty may and considers it her duty to check everything that Jesse eats and drinks – what if there is a bad guy?

She also takes care of his regular rest, arranging a quiet hour and trying to object!

Luckily, Jessie’s fiancée doesn’t mind, she’s not even jealous of Clarissa. Almost. Other cats had to put up with this state of affairs.

Jesse points out that Clarissa does not accept the concept of “personal space” at all. But at the same time, she manages to remain unobtrusive and even useful, with her the mood is always positive. But what will happen when the kitten grows up?

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