A man from Texas stops to save a cat, gets ambushed by a whole platoon

Robert Brantley was driving home when he saw a lone cub on the road. The compassionate man stopped his van to save the lonesome kitten.

However, as soon as Robert took the kitten, the rest of the siblings appeared out of nowhere. They were hiding in the tall grass along the Texas road. The litter of kittens ambushed the man as if they wanted him to help them.

The little ones followed him like they would have followed their father.The compassionate man couldn’t leave the kitten-brothers on the road.

He took them one by one, loaded his van and brought the children home.Of course, the 13 kittens traveled everywhere by car, but this didn’t bother the rescuer.

Robert named the babies and took good care of them. They were eating well and were happy in their new home. Then he decided to bathe one of them, whom he had named Scout.Cats usually don’t like water, but she made sure it was clean.

Later, the 13 cubs played in the yard while Robert prepared a large box with bedding, food and water. The beautiful cubs now had a home and a little man (Robert’s baby) was taking care of them.

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