A man had to sell his car to save his dog

This amazing story happened in the USA (Indianapolis). Local R&B singer Randy Etter adopted a dog who was 2 months old. The dog was liked by all family members and strongly attached to them. But most of all was happy the little daughter of Randy Etter’s girlfriend .

The problems started after a dog swallowed a baby bottle cap. The girl constantly threw it on the floor during the games. The puppy began to vomit, he constantly whined, looked with a plaintive look and followed the owner. Randy made the decision to take him to the vet.

The specialist didn’t identify any abnormalities and couldn’t find the cause. It wasn’t possible to do this and the next doctor too. In the end luck smiled at the man.One of the veterinarians reported that the dog’s stomach contained a baby sock and a bottle cap and immediate surgical intervention was required.

The cost of the operation was estimated at $4,500, which Randy didn’t have.

The man decided to sell his car to save the puppy. He exhibited for sale for $3,000, but that wasn’t enough.

Soon a man contacted him and offered $2,000 in financial assistance. Later, a local charity found out the situation and helped raise another $3,000. The story ended happily. The pet underwent surgery and its owner received words of support from users from all over the world for a long time.

«This is my best friend. He is always by my side and I just wanted to thank him.” says the owner.

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