A man has been friends with a polar bear for more than 20 years and even swims with him in the pool

A 67-year-old Canadian named Marc Dumas became famous around the world thanks to his original companion. She has been close friends for 23 years and often swims in the pool with an unexpected friend, a polar bear.

Mark is a professional animal trainer and 23 years ago he adopted an unusual pet, Agee the polar bear. She is also delighted with her leisure time with her master and communicates with him as if he were one of her tribesmen.

The weight of the she-bear exceeds 350 kilos and she is surrounded by people from birth. Mark personally handled her training. Now she has become a movie and advertising star, although she got her first role as a child in 1995.

The man is so accustomed to his bear that he no longer imagines how he can live without her. He says polar bears live no more than 35 years outside their natural habitat.

The man has never been afraid of animals, he loves them and shows friendliness, and they reciprocate. But with Angie, the connection is especially close, it is comparable to true friendship.

The bear is ensured with everything necessary and she has the most comfortable living conditions. But at a young age, Angie had a habit of biting and the owner showed a lot of efforts to wean her from this, but at the same time he was not angry with his pet, assuring that this was her natural instinct.

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